Help for Chronic Pain

Many whom suffer from chronic pain find little help from conventional medicine.  Pain relieving medications often leave people feeling groggy and unable to function.  Non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory medicines can be harmful to the stomach or liver over time.  Cortisone shots may offer temporary relief, but don't usually fix the problem and the side effects can be very detrimental.  Chiropractic care and physical therapy help many, but what hope is available for those that they do not help?


At Arizona Wellness group, Dr. Orlowski offers a unique alternative approaches to treating chronic pain syndromes that has helped many.

Dr. Orlowski is a licensed Naturopathic Physician with a Masters degree in Acupuncture and additional training in a vast array of healing modalities.  She addresses chronic pain from a holistic perspective, identifying each patient's individual situation and individual needs.


A light touch form of Osteopathic Manipulation called Neuro-Fascial Release works on the idea in Osteopathic medicine that "if the body can move freely, it can function perfectly".  Fascia, the tissue that surrounds and connects the organs, bones and muscles of the body can be pulled, tangled or strained.  By releasing these patterns of strain the body can return to its perfect, pain free state.  It is common to see people with conditions of years worth of discomfort be pain free after only a few treatments.

Acupuncture is an ancient technique with at least 5000 years of documented use.  It works on the premise that Qi, or energy, runs through channels through the body-when this energy flow is blocked, people experience pain.  These channels can be unblocked by the insertion of small, sterile needles into specific points on the body to release the blockage.  Many feel relief from their pain instantaneously, while others do best with a series of treatments.  Generally, patients experience feeling more relaxed and enjoy an overall feeling of well being while being treated with Acupuncture.

There are a number of Injection Therapies that can be utilized in the treatment of chronic pain.  Trigger point injection therapy utilizes injections into tight, spasmed spots in the muscle in order to release them.  

Scar injection therapy is considered normal post surgical procedure in some countries.  By superficially injecting scar tissue with procaine, the adhesions break up allowing for freedom from the pain and restriction caused by scar tissue.  An added bonus is that this therapy helps the scars to fade away over time.  

Physiological Medicine utilizes  sterile homeopathic solutions made with compounds naturally found in the body that speed healing, and reduce pain and inflammation.  These can be injected into Acupuncture points, Trigger points, scars, local areas of pain or administered intravenously to effect the whole body.  

Dr. Orlowski combines these modalities with the general principals of Naturopathic Medicine to treat chronic pain with great success.  Treatments can be tailored to the patient's individual condition and needs.  Combinations of two or more techniques are often used simultaneously with synergistic results greatly speeding the healing time.