The Nature of Illness Today


Disease is an ancient Greek word - 'dis' and 'ease'.  It referred to the disharmony between the spiritual body and the physical body.  When the person was ill, it meant there was an unease between the bodies.  The Chinese traditional medicine also treat the spiritual body as the source of the illness; the physical body's symptoms are merely the manifestation of that disharmony.

It's not difficult to stop and think about the people you know who have cancer or have had it.  Virtually any trip around town will encounter a vehicle with the breast cancer awareness sticker on it.  Cancer rates are exploding.  In the abstract, the whole chemotherapy process seems barbaric.  The body is poisoned with the hope that the poison kills the cancer cells before it kills the patient.  India is experiencing massive increases in cancer of the reproductive systems which is now being linked to contaminated water.  A recent survey sampled food from various salad bars in New York City--every sample revealed contaminated food, most often from the source, or where it was grown.  A new study links autism and pesticide exposure to pregnant women.  Roundup works with roundup resistant seeds which are seeds that have been genetically altered to survive roundup.  So the field is sprayed, and the weeds don't survive, but the food seed which are altered to handle roundup live on.  Basically, the food is chemically enhanced, and we unknowingly eat it.

In WWII, every American soldier received a pack of cigarettes in his C-rations.  It was believed to help them stay calm.  In the 1950's, doctors often prescribed smoking as a means of keeping women calm.  Googling old ads will reveal doctors promoting various brands.  It wasn't until much later that the addictiveness of cigarettes became well known.  Cell phones began widespread use in the 90's.  The effect of those microwaves is yet to be determined, although research has linked it to irregular patterns in birds and animals.

The human machine was not engineered to handle the stresses of this chaotic modern life.  Toxicity is all around us.  We eat it, we drink it, and we breathe it.  Understandably, there will be an effect.  It's basic physics - every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  Stress weakens the body's natural defenses. Toxicity attacks the body's natural defenses.  The two combined is the epicenter of disease.

The object is to keep your spirit strong and vibrant; eat well, drink good clean water, and be very aware of the effects of stress in your life; then develop the most effective ways of eliminating those stresses.

Historically, the body's responses to stress gave us the adrenaline push we needed to run from a dangerous situation or fight if needed.  This would result in a short burst of energy to resolve the situation after which humans would go back to relaxed state of being. The demands of modern society have created a situation in which the vast majority of Americans suffer from chronic stress, taxing our adrenal glands for weeks or years.  Chronic stress has been linked to most chronic disease states, such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, depression, anxiety, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, menstrual irregularities, fatigue, poor concentration, memory issues, digestive issues, weight gain, diabetes, and more.   There are many natural means to minimize the negative effects of chronic stress.