Spring Cleaning, Allergies and Detoxification

Spring is here, everything is growing, plants, weeds, flowers.  This is a lovely time, the weather is warm, inviting and comfortable, it's a great time to get outside.  Unfortunately, it all comes with an abundance of pollen in the air.  Many people find their ability to enjoy spring marred by allergy symptoms.  


Traditionally spring was a time for cleansing, opening the windows and deep cleaning the house, getting the dust out, eliminating the clutter.  Physically this is a time to clean out our bodies.  Traditional people would live through the winter on heavier dried foods and meats as there was no fresh food available.  With spring comes fresh greens, fruits and veggies.  Many of the spring foods are somewhat bitter and most are cleansing to the body, this all put people living off the land on a naturally cleansing diet.  In modern times processed foods full of chemical preservatives and modifiers, GMO's, and toxins from household cleaning agents, pesticides and herbicides like  "Roundup," as well as chemical "air fresheners," and laundry dryer sheets, car and airplane exhaust and industrial exhaust all surround us with toxins that  "gunk up" our cells, creating inflammation and interfering with general cellular function.


Interestingly there is a correlation with toxicity building up in our systems and allergies!  The more we build up toxicity within our bodies the more inflammation we have.  Signs of inflammation include bloating, swelling, aches and pains, blurred vision and irritability or depression.  Long term inflammation leads to many of the diseases of chronic illness including heart disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, Obesity and Cancer to name just a few including Allergies.   


Generally, the more inflammation we have, the more our bodies age.  I find that the more toxic I get, the more allergic symptoms I have.  Generally, if I start getting allergies, I do a cleanse and they go away.  More importantly detoxification makes you feel good, increasing energy, diminishing pain, improving mood and helping us slim down.

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